I am

I am a 1/3 manifesting generator on the cross of the four ways.
I’m a quad right and my mind is a reflector.
I’ve spent years in retreat, observing, meditating, studying, researching, channeling.
Helping only those who found their way to me. Now I’m ready to share with the world.

I am

My journey started 20 years ago, and has been quite an adventure. At the end of my academic studies I had an eye-opening moment - the path I was about to take made no sense…
Let’s talk about reality: we live on a blue planet that “floats” in a finite to infinite universe.
And the people living on it no longer believe in the magic of life!
They claim to be realists but often know nothing about the matter they both live in and are made of, nor are they interested in the dizzying scientific advances that have been made.

People even prefer to believe in the worst rather than rolling up their sleeves and choose to believe in what they want.
Often this is on both a personal and a collective level.

My goal is to understand this fascinating universe of ours, and to be able to wake people up!
I feel there are connections, everywhere.
So, I decided to take the plunge - into quantum physics, mathematics, astrophysics, neuroscience ...
Life is built in the same way as the brain works: everything is made up of connections – everywhere.
I dream of seeing the connections at work so I go out to meet actual lives.
The journey started with meeting the most scarred ones.
I spent 3 years understanding homeless people and listening to their testimonies while simultaneously launching my private consultations.
Next, I tackled the experience of illness and death. And it is at this stage that I encountered “breath”!
It speaks to me, literally!
It is years later, that I created the breathing communication (CORE®) because our breath has so much to tell us.
Breathing is in perpetual dialogue with life and our unconscious, making sure to repeat or transform our experiences.


Up to this day I’ve encountered a very wide range of lives and I’ve gained the trust of hundreds of people through my consultations – and now it's time to grow.

This is another universal law: the law of expansion.
Social networks, if used well, create connections – as such they create an extraordinary opportunity for growth.
Using the faculties of my mind I created a connection to an extraordinary young woman.
We share the same cause, and in similar fashion she has dedicated her life to impacting hundreds of thousands of people.
Did you know that the Latin word SPIRITUS literally translates to breath?
By connecting with this young woman, an opportunity sprouted and I was able to speak at her virtual academy.
At this stage I’m creating new conditions to organize my new and extended universe.
You are welcome to join me!


To seeing you...
Forever and Soon!